Chocolate Stout Cake with Fleur de Sel Ganache

Would you think I had a problem if I told you I've made this cake three times in as many weeks? What if I told you that this cake gives me a sense of well-being and deep satisfaction--like the satisfaction of a strong cup of coffee in the afternoon, finishing off a bottle of wine on a Friday night, or listening to Barack Obama sing Al Green

Yeah, I'm talking deep satisfaction. Dense, moist, chocolate-intense interior, with a rich shell of dark chocolate ganache flecked with fleur de sel--it just doesn't get any better than this. Oh yeah, and before I made this cake I didn't even like cake all that much--I was always more of a flourless chocolate torte type of girl. But when you find the one, you just feel it in your toes. And in this case, your mouth and your belly. 

Thanks to Katie Quinn Davies for the cake recipe--the chocolate ganache is my own addition.

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  1. OMG Paige that looks amazing! Fleur de sel ganache? Yes please:)